Commercial Mortgage Lenders – Can Sanford and Son and Institutional models coexist?

For a portion of commercial mortgage broker business flow, we can be thought of as the Sanford and Son of the mortgage brokerage industry.  We finance many deals that others have left for trash and deemed unfinanceable, at a clip of approximately $100 million per year.   Applying a Keynesian multiplier to this volume of closing activity indicates that deals we fished out of the garbage can led to $2.5 billion of economic activity and jobs creation since the 2007 recession. Financial Compound enjoys this work as an additional outlet for our creativity and perseverance.  We find these deals to be a nice balance with the more traditional and institutional deals we close with commercial mortgage lenders that comprise the majority of our business flow.

While many of our Sanford and Son deals are closed with soft and hard money lenders, occasionally an institutional lender will close one of these dusty deals- and we call that a financial compound.

Financial Compound