Commercial Mortgages

Financial Compound and its staff have closed over $4.2 Billion in transactions running the gamut from low leverage first mortgages on trophy assets, to structured debt and equity placements for properties in of renovation, to construction and untitled land financing.



Financial Compound’s Brokers Solve Problems

For example, we assembled a 100%-of-all-in-cost financing package (including land, hard and soft improvement costs, interest reserve, and closing costs) for the developer of a shipping center with minimal pre-leasing. The transaction was crafted so that the developer kept all the upside after a 7.5% IRR to the financial partner.

Our Commercial Mortgage Broker Practices

As your commercial mortgage broker, we will obtain preliminary financing terms for a transaction and then evaluate the options in light of the client’s objectives, and makes a recommendation. Financial Compound will always provide an ‘apples-to-apples’ comparison of each financing proposal by quantifying financing terms such as amortization methods, promote and waterfall structures, escrows, holdbacks, lender fees, defeasance and other prepayment penalties, etc. As your commercial mortgage broker, Financial Compound’s work ethic, attention to detail, and passion for the business- characterized by customer service, minimizes the client’s involvement with processing and paperwork and has helped us enjoy a strong client retention ratio.

Internal Processes

•    Sharing transaction pricing and structuring information in an organized and cooperative way to help keep our staff abreast of capital provider preferences, new financial products, and “hot money”.

•    State of the art computer infrastructure and information management systems to organize and work with transaction records efficiently; as well as to safeguard client confidential data.

•    Utilizing and enhancing numerous proprietary templates we created in Excel (i) that model abstruse financial and mathematical concepts in a simple and understandable way, and (ii) are used for transaction processing efficiency.

•    Brainstorming sessions for a few minutes at each staff meeting regarding transaction processing and efficiency.

•    Reading and discussion of trade magazines and finance journals.

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