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Selected Transactions Currently Available For Capital Providers

Updated: 2/9/2018

special use
$2.4 million first mortgage car wash construction loan, 60% of cost, 45% LTV. (Barbara).
special use
$20 – $40 million line of credit for tax lien purchases. LTV is less than 9%. Experienced and successful operator with a large portfolio under ownership, and averaging a 15% IRR on cost (Thomas).
$8 million JV equity (90/10 capital contribution) for value added apartment acquision in New England, 18% IRR with projected 5 year hold. Sponsor offers significant credit. (Barbara).
special use
$7.5 million conference center construction loan in Northern CA. 58% of cost, 56% LTV, 1.77 DCR based on ebitda (Barbara).
$13 million bridge loan for office building repositioning in Midwest CBD. 53% LTV (Thomas)
$14 million bridge loan for office repositioning in Montreal, Canada. 85% of cost, 59% LTV, 1.99 DCR. Strong local borrower who built the project. 60% LTV, 1.20 DCR underwritten as apartments(Thomas).
special use
$4 million first mortgage for nursing home in Southeast. Strong sponsor/ operator. Stable cash flow. (Thomas).
$12 million owner user refinance in southern CA. Strong borrower and operator. 61% LTV, 2.05 DCR (Thomas).
single family
$10 million first mortgages facility for single family aggregator with portfolio of rental homes in Southern CA. Experienced borrower seeks 65% LTV, and offers 3.0 DCR. We have two other similar transactions for different borrowers in Southern CA and the Northeast (Thomas)
special use
$4 million senior bridge loan for portfolio of life insurance policies with actuarial average term remaining on the policies of 4 years. Low LTV (Thomas).


Capital providers can contact the staff-person indicated for additional information and a copy of financing request package. For transactions where the request differs from your financing program, call us to see if Financial Compound can structure something that works for all parties. Content, services, goods, or advertisements are provided “as-is” and “as-available” To find out about other transactions we are currently placing, call 310-260-5900. Some figures are approximate.