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Selected Transactions Currently Available For Capital Providers

Updated: 9/21/2018

retail & Apt
$8.6 million, Las Vegas, NV, first mortgage predevelopment for large mixed use project.  59% LTC, 45% LTV. (Thomas).
$2 million, Los Angeles, refinance.  Seeking 7 year term, 7 years interest-only, Non-recourse 31% LTV. 1.60 DCR.  Interest rate should be less than 4.5%.  (Barbara).
Single Family
$3 million, South Carolina, buy and hold acquisition loan.  Portfolio offers xx LTV and xx DCR. (Barbara).
$14 million, Southwestern region, construction loan for pre-leased, infill center in prime location.  xx LTC, xx proforma DCR.  Performance bond from strong contractor backed by A- rated insurance company. (Barbara).


Capital providers can contact the staff-person indicated, for additional information and a copy of financing request package.  Or call 310-260-5900 x103, or click to send a message.  For transactions where the request intrigues you and differs from your financing programs, contact us to see if Financial Compound can structure something that works for all parties. Content, services, goods, or advertisements are provided “as-is” and “as-available” To find out about other transactions we are currently placing, call 310-260-5900 x103. Some figures are approximate.